Wednesday Snapper Run

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  1. Just wanted to drop a quick update on today's catch. We headed out this morning around 930am and had our limit by noon'ish. Had a couple of 12 lbs - 20lbs and several in the "good eatn'" range. Winds started picking up after lunch from the SE and we headed back to port. Went out with the normal fishing crew from T.I. and had a blast! Thank God for good friends and calm days during the holidays. I was getting cabin fever.
    Tight Lines

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    looks like your slappers were working... nice report!
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    That looks like a single pipe behind you. Where were you fishing? Nice Snap.
  6. We hopped around a lot. Most of our fishing was on underwater structure within a couple of miles of port. We actually had most of our limit within the first hour of our trip out of the pass. Due to limit and state/fed waters, we couldn't keep some of our catch so we decided to do some different stuff.
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