We Wacked em at POC (swordfish,wahoo,ling,pompano,snapper,grouper)

Discussion in 'Offshore Fishing Reports' started by jaredchasteen, May 13, 2007.

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    First off there is more bait out of POC than i have ever seen. schools in open water, tons of flyers, and the rigs are covered up. This was truly an epic trip witht the best eating fish in the gulf fallin victim.

    We left the doc around 4:30 in strong storms but they let up around 6 miles out. Our plan was to head straight to the secret swordin spot. We arrived right at dusk and put our spread out. It was weird because there was a current rip, and a weedline on top of our spot. We waited and waited till around 2:30am with nothing, the hopes were fading fast. Me and wacker decide to make the call and head further offshore in search of good water. We arrive around 330am and get the spread out. I decide to lay in the cabin for afew when Jim yells swordfish. I jump up and head out only to miss the purple gladiator on the surface. We wait and start to think it was a mako, then 15 mins later the middle line starts to move. Jim grabs the rod and reels, nothing there but i see the disco light around 150 ft off the transom, I knew he was hooked. Finally come tight and then he starts the first run and almost dumps the TLD 50. Jim cranks in about 300yards of line, and i am finally in my harness ready for along batttle. I get strapped in and start short stroking. The fish had fouled the deep line and it was a mess. Jim gets it untagled and 15 mins later before we know it it is right next to the boat. Jim slams a big gaff in him, and then a hand gaff to the dome. Craig puts on the gloves and grabs the bill. I then get the bat and beat his head till i cant no more he is dead now. I think the gaff to the brain did him in. Cheers and yells are all around as we hoist the nice 58" LJF fatty in the boat. Not the biggest but around 90#s. And it is a sword.
    WE get setup again and stay untill dayulight with no more hits. We head in towards falcon for some tuna and find the pretties weed patch and line you have ever seen. Primo cobalt blue water in around 1200 ft of water. found the chickens but they didnt want to play, no big dorados, so we left. I am 100 percent positive there was a blue marlin on it, but we neeed more fish for the box so we went to falcon. Say amillion birds and a sportfisher picked up a few BFT. We trolled for about 45 mins and then boat about a 20# wahoo. Troll alittle more with nada.
    We decide to head in in search of snapper, We had sabikid up around 25 greenback mackeral that were going to be used for dorado and snapper. We get to the snapper place and i drop down the livie, nothing for a few minutes. Jim and craig drop jigs and it is instant. I switch to jigs and it was instant. We boated a 41# ling, big African Pompano, our limit of snapper, and strawberry grouper. Hell of a trip as we head in.






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    That's a nice looking sword. Congrat's. I gather you went to the Dumping Grounds or the 500 fathom hump. You've got some great eating fish in the pics. I love tuna, but a fresh cut steak from swordie is hard to beat. Those ling are one of favorites. Glad to see you had good weather and the fishing was great.

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    Nice fish. Sounds like fun and the seas could not have been better. Seas are almost as flat as Texoma was.

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    Who did you fish with down in POC, i go there all the time. Sounds like a great trip
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    Damn fine job guys!!! Excellent trip!! Congrats! Yall got your temporary "swording fix" ..LOL! Nice sword!
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    Thats a nice swordie, I'll bet he eats up real nice too!
  8. jaredchasteen

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    we fished on my friends 24ft searay. No charter just a few aholes going swordin. Last season jim went 1 for 9. with the 1 only being a pup.

    This year we are 1 for 1. our honey hole didnt produce and we made the call to find better water instead of jigging blackfins at falcon. It paid off in 21 bags of swordfish steaks.

    My fix is only temperary now i need to break the 200# club.
  9. DeepBlueGulf

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    Great report! Hope you find that 200lber!

  10. txseadog

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    Congrats Jared and Jim.
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    glad you guys got some swordfish. jared put your time in on the water and you will find that 200lb sword...rick
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    Super Congrats! I am almost as excited as you guys. Way to go Jim and Jared! That is a feat you guys EARNED!
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    My 11 year old son and I were just in Miami swording.We went 3 for 4 average at 100# with a 200+ lost boatside...pulled hook. He had 2 of those fish and unfortunately I lost the big one. You need to fight those beasts with light drag or you end up with a imp stick LOL

    Congrats again
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    Great sword Jared! Can you tell us a little about how your terminal tackle and spread was set up?
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    Very Nice Guys!
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    I'm not sure if you get "Sport Fishing" magazine, but in the one I received in the mail today it has an article about a Sword caught in a Florida Bay. The guy was returning from an offshore trip near Islamorada when he spotted this huge dark colored fish in about 8 feet of water.

    He tossed a live pilchard in front of it and all hell broke loose. His kids started crying and freaking out when the sword went airborne time after time. After a four hour fight, he finally got it to the boat. It was 11' long and an estimated 350 pounds. He was so impressed by the fight and the size of the Sword, he released it to fight another day. There is a picture of it jumping in the shallow green bay waters.

    This happened in April this year, 2007.
  17. jaredchasteen

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    like a hell of a story, the ocean is a vast place and no matter what we do to study it we wont know the behavior patterns of every fish. I get the mag. but i think my mail is a little off, i will check when i get home.
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    Jared, somehow I missed this when you posted it. Congratulations!! That was a heck of a trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Jared, somehow I missed this when you posted it. Congratulations!! That was a heck of a trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Me too Scott. What a wonderful trip this was and a great job on all the fishes. A trip of a lifetime. Hope they continue.:)