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We need to push to have Governor Perry appoint John Parker as the next Chairman of TPWD as the current Chairman’s tenure is up soon and effect some changes that will reflect fairness towards us recreational fishermen, Commissioner Parker has been working for all sportsmen for some time. Commissioner Parker submitted the rule change allowing sports fishermen to keep 13 inch fish just as the commericials do to help prevent the situation we are in now. Parker listens to sportsmen and understands the economic impact of sport fishing and hunters.

TJ, If this is too politicial please delete.

Governor Rick Perry
Office of the Governor
P.O. Box 12428
Austin, Texas 78711-2428

Fax(512) 463-1849

Governor Perry,

It is our great pleasure to request that John Parker be appointed Chairman of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission. Commissioner Parker exemplifies the persona for the

Chairmanship. Commissioner Parker has spoken out for the average hunter and fisherman on numerous occasions during Commission meetings. Commissioner Parker is very connected to those who depend on the Commission.

Commissioner Parker has shown to be a true conservationist. He was very instrumental in helping Ducks Unlimited, The Turkey Federation, Quail Unlimited and a myriad of fishing both Saltwater and Freshwater .Orgs accomplish their goals.

Commissioner Parker sees the world as the true Sportsmen and Sportswomen of Texas see the world of hunting and fishing.. He has hunted public lands and understands how the average Sportsman depends on a viable public lands program.

Commissioner Parker has asked hard questions dealing with finance. He understands the value of a dollar. Being a small business owner he has a unique prospective on how middle America has to deal with planning their recreational time. Commissioner Parker has shown his ability to be fair and just in his decision making process. A plan has to meet the best interest of all Texans to gain his favor.

Commissioner Parker has personally visited most of Texas State Parks if not all at the writing of this letter. He is very concerned about maintaining our current Parks System. The Texas Parks system is the crown jewel of the Texas Parks and Wildlife system. We believe that his goal is to maintain these as they are. The voters of Texas are wanting a man of Commissioner Parkers status as Chairman as we feel he will work tirelessly to assure Texans their Parks are in safe hands.

Commissioner Parker speaks for all Texas not just special interest. We believe Commissioner Parkers ability to see issues as they truly are will insure all Texans will have a strong voice on the Commission. Commissioner Parker would make a
very strong and fair Chairman.

Kindest personal regards,
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