Way to carry High end lures?

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by Eocustomknives, Oct 24, 2019.

  1. Eocustomknives

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    How are you guys carrying your expensive lures? Is there a “stickbait bag”? Or are you guys just throwing them in Tupperware. Also where can I get larger hook protectors. Seems the ones I’ve found on the usual sites go up to 1/0-2/0. I need 3/0 and 4/0
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  2. Eocustomknives

    Eocustomknives Member

    That second one is great! Where do you find that one?

  3. Thewooha

    Thewooha Well-Known Member

    That is the Daiwa mesh bag .
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  4. a1flyfishr

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  5. jshorty

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  6. Chun028

    Chun028 Active Member

    Centaur Reel Bag is pretty cheap, the large size can carry 25-30 GT sized lures (200-250mm or more), it's waterproof and washable.
    I store hooks and rings in a separate box and rig on the boat.
  7. HungryJack

    HungryJack Member

    Never take them out of the original package to begin with ;)

    They cost so much,
    you end up deciding to throw something else anyway :)
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  8. Boston Tangler

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    I have two nice items that are authentic and licensed hPa type bags, here is the Jig Case XL, which holds well over 100 jigs, we have a small model good for 50/60 jigs as well

  9. lockitup

    lockitup New Member

    Just wondering with the mesh bags, when you carry the lures with hooks. Do the hooks get caught in the holes of the mesh bag often.

    might have to get hook protectors for all my lures then to over come this...

  10. Philippe Hage

    Philippe Hage New Member

    I personally use à HPA popper store. Very easy to carry 20 poppers or stickbaits, easy to wash.
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  11. Joe Columbo

    Joe Columbo Junior member

    from my experience the hooks do get caught in the mesh, but the mesh holes are big enough that it is not abig problem, just annoying
  12. ballywho

    ballywho Well-Known Member

    Some people like to buy a product for everything. There's a product to tie knots, there's a product to wrap the braid around to tighten knots (WTF, can't any split ring plier or stick do that ???), there will soon be a product to wipe your butt, and there are plenty of bags for lures.

    Mesh bags are convenient cause you can rince lures without having to take them out, but have 3 flaws as I see it: hooks get stuck in mesh, the zipper will inevitably get stuck by salt, usually sooner than later, and sometimes hooks can catch body parts through the mesh.

    Personnaly I don't see the point of buying some more shit when you can make one of these in about 4 minutes. They are safer, hold more lures, easy to rince if you do holes in the bottom (the right number of holes will let you flood the bucket, so better rincing as well), and better/faster access which sometimes can make a difference between catching and missing an opportunity.

    All right not the best picture to post as an example as this was coming back from fishing and is messy as I tend to throw the lures back in rather than nicely put them back, but it does look tidy if you want it to.

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  13. semipro

    semipro Senior Member

    But it does not have a Brand ! name :)
    It is just bucket:p
  14. Philippe Hage

    Philippe Hage New Member

    A bucket is actually the best thing once you are on the boat. But more difficult to carry in a travel bag !!!
  15. Tunaslayer

    Tunaslayer Junior member

    D31CEA42-8CDE-4ECB-9E20-01B797202551.jpeg Any TSA restrictions on buckets?;)
    Great idea for fishing your home waters, but the traveling angler might need something a bit more portable.

    There was company that made a product called the KP Jig Rig. Nice thing was on the larger size (5 gallon bucket), it doubled as a seat since you could close the lid with lures inside.

    You could always buy a bucket and modify it onsite, but that is tricky (need a drill).

    If someone can get a small collapsible square tote with an insert to hang lures that can be easily disassembled for travel, that might work.
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  16. HungryJack

    HungryJack Member

    This $40 Yeti Bucket is more than just a bucket.
    It's a Yeti Bucket!
    Now it can be a proper jig bucket.

    yeti bucket.jpg

    PS> I haven't traveled with a bucket, but into a duffel
    bag would work. I have travelled internationally with
    milk crates to use as rod holders and jig/sinker/gear holders,
    assembled on arrival. Filled the crates with other gear,
    boxed it and checked as luggage. You can bring boxes as luggage that is fine.
    Or you can put your box(s) into a large soft duffel.

    There is also a screw top lid made for 5 gallon pails.
    They snap on, have a screw top that is water tight.
    Uline has them, probably amazon too.
    I also prefer 6 gallon buckets to 5,
    they are the same diamter, just a little taller.
    In NY I find them used for "salt" for deicing.
    You can purchase them on uline as well.
    US Plastics is another source for stuff like that.
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  17. ballywho

    ballywho Well-Known Member

    some of my guests fly with foldable buckets. Agreed a bucket isn't the most suitcase-friendly item... I should stick some Jigging Master stickers on my buckets and sell them to guests for 80 $ !
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  18. ballywho

    ballywho Well-Known Member

    my bucket cost me 4 dollars but it was full of ice-cream which I had to eat
  19. Philippe Hage

    Philippe Hage New Member

    Sounds good. A foldable bucket. Good idea
  20. Dan09

    Dan09 Member

    If you fly and need to save space in your luggage, I highly recommend using a mesh bag. My Centaur Bag is perfect and the zipper is like new after 2 years of use.