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Discussion in 'Spearfishing' started by duntonsdragons, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. duntonsdragons

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    I went snorkeling in the Keys last year and couldn't help but wish that I had a speargun. So I need to get one.
    I know absolutely nothing about spearfishing. Looking at gear, I'm confused as to which length I should get, which type of gun I should get, etc. I'm looking for a decent setup. Something that isn't super expensive, but also isn't a complete piece of crap.
    Where do I start?
  2. Crow

    Crow Well-Known Member

    Where do you live, and where do you want to spear?

  3. duntonsdragons

    duntonsdragons Active Member

    I will mostly use this in areas like the Florida Keys on vacation, but may try locally (Cape Cod) for tautog if I can stand the cold water. Target species would probably be small fish like snapper or hogfish. I've read good things about mako spearguns, but need help with picking which size/style gun to get.
  4. scubaarchery

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    We used a pole spear in the keys last year for snapper and grouper. That worked just fine.
  5. Get'n Jiggy

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    Look at a gun around 50-55 inches. Two band will be just fine. Mako makes good stuff I hear. I've got a mako dive knife and it's a copy of scuba pro but half the cost.

    You can get a closed track or hybrid. I like the hybrids personally.

    Riffe makes a good gun too.

    If you want to go custom then hit up Daryl Wong.
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  6. victor

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    I spear fish alot in South Florid . My recommendation is figure out if like mid handle or euro gun. From there ab biller good wood beginner riffe a step up then wong I personally have riffe and wong
  7. Bigcountry1219

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    Can't beat the Mako spear guns. I've been spearfishing MA for years. With all of the white shark sightings the past few years, I've really slowed down, but I still get out here and there, especially early in the season when the tog first start showing. The water can get cold, but we surely get some big tog up here!

    Don't count out RI either. If you can get down there, spearfishing stripers is legal and TONS of fun if you manage to get into a big fish.