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Chuck, Tommy, JC and I saw the weather window and figured we would head out to the blue water again before Striper season shifts into high gear. Decided to head south of the point based on the satellite shot and we were rewarded with a nice pile of fish for the dinner table. We ended up going 5 for 5 on 40 pound class Wahoo, 1 for 1 on YFT, 6 for 6 on small Blackfins, 1 for 1 on a small gaffer and boated countless FAs. All in all an incredible day.

Water temp was 77.8 degrees and we found all the fish where there was strong, 3 kt. plus, current. The YFT came at the 490 line in 110 fathoms on a pink and white crystal hair seawitch, the Mahi came off a forming weed line on a green squid spreader bar at the 500 in 80 fathoms, the FAs were everywhere and hit everything and the Blackfins came at the 570 on the 100 fathom curve all on the bird/GM. All five wahoo were found at the 579 on the 100 fathom curve right on a very steep drop off where the bottom went from 60 to over 120 fathoms, three came on the planer pulling a Baitmasters flying fish on wire and the other two came off Ilanders with medium ballyhoo, the surface strikes always followed a planer bite.

Saw a HUGE Manta ray jumping clear out of the water within 75 yards of the boat as if it was trying to bite our baits??? It was every bit of 12 feet across. Never seen that before, I was in awe.

Thanks to Tommy, Chuck and JC. Wahoos YFTs BlackFTs, Mahi and FAs for fun. There is a lot of life out there right now!!!



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