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Desperate for information on wahoo fishing in the southern philippines.......venues ....rigs ...techniques etc. Thanks in advance for any help......JT.
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Hi AHAB, someone on here might be able to help but the Caranx forum might be a good resource too. There have been several reports from the PI that I've read on that board. http://www.caranx.net/forums/index.php?showforum=15 is the link for the English forum. How's that 9500? Bert
Hi Bert ...thanks for the website.....(i took your advice ). That 9500 is kicking the stable door down, wanting action ! .....heh heh : Maybe going over there in January. Best regards JT.
Keep an eye on this place, lots of good info here. Several of the members are getting ready for various blue water trips and some good reports should be rolling in over the next several weeks. I've got two days offshore (bottom fishing) planned for mid Sept, three days mid Oct. and four days on a long range tuna trip in Nov. Now I just have to work the overtime to pay for it all, lol. Bert
I would like to introduce my self. My name is John Graber. I worked with Dole for many years in Mindanao and I have a farm there with my wife. I have fished both Davao and General Santos.
Here is a nice link. Tell them John Graber sent you...good luck,

I would like to introduce my self. My name is John Graber. I worked with Dole for many years in Mindanao and I have a farm there with my wife. I have fished both Davao and General Santos.
Here is a nice link. Tell them John Graber sent you...good luck,

Hi Hoss, nice to see you here. :)
As I posted on the Allcoast, I have been looking for an opportunity fo fish out of General Santos which is tuna capital of Philippines. I love to explore Moro Gulf, Sulu Sea, Mindanao Sea or Selebes Sea surrouning General Santos. :)
Yeah it is good to see you over here Hoss. Haven't seen you since the 976-tuna board.
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