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    Where to start with the offshore fishing so far this year. The fishing has been a little different to say the least. Where the fish normally would be this time of the year, they aren't. The huge Yellow fin tuna that we are so use to having in our area made their last appearance in January, but that is not to say they won't be here. Luckily, we have been able to make up for the Tuna bite with other species such as wahoo and amberjack. The wahoo this time of the year are big, so if you want to hear a reel make noises that you didn't think it could make, you should check it out. The weather has been about as cooperative as you can get for Feb.-now moving in to March, so we have been fishing a lot. We still have some open days in March. Not many though. The fishing I am sure will remain about the same except we should start to have a lot more tuna added to our catch. Only time will tell for sure on that.
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    nice 'hoos - have you gotten any ling?

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    me and a couple of friends of mine went out of cocodrie this past weekend and loaded the boat with cobia (ling/lemon fish). we tried to make it to MC397 but it was TOO rough! we tried a grouper digging but still too rough to hold the boat in position to do any good. 12 cobia is all we could drum up.
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    not a bad day - i def wouldnt mind that!
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    Those are some sweet hoo's congrat's.