VMC Slow Pitch Jigging Dual Assist Hooks now in 2 lenghts

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    having different sizes of length is brilliant ! Can highly recommend those hooks
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    Thank you Pierre. I think it makes sense for a few reasons, you can have the long up top and short at the bottom of the jig or vise versa. Different length jigs, different length hooks. That way you have to spent less time making your own as it is a very time consuming process to do it right. Thanks for your support I hope all is well down there at your place. Oh the photos are very good quality really appreciated those!!!

    VMC 1.jpg VMC 2.jpg VMC 3.jpg VMC 4.jpg VMC 5.jpg VMC 6.jpg VMC 7.jpg
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    The different lengths of assist cord seems to be essential to rig some jigs properly. I've got hooks in lengths from 10mm to 40mm. An NLO Angle jig will take a 20mm on top and a 20mm on bottom. A Jigging World Qubee jig takes a 20 and a 10. I wish owner would make their dual assist hoks in at least 20 - 40 mm lengths.
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