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  1. first catch

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    Anybody here in the Virginia area? I just started going to college in Fredericksburg, VA but am from Florida. Not exactly near the coast but still looking to fish nonetheless. I don't know the area or anyone much at all up here so if anyone has any advice as to where and what to fish, I'd appreciate it!
  2. Billiam

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    I have a friend that tells me blackfishing is very good there in Norfolk area. His other friend that fishes a lot always brings him some. Other than that I heard jill carie a boat out of va does very well in tile and lg wreckfish, I'm still looking to get out with them. Good luck. And dun forget to post ur finds.

  3. SteelingHeads

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    First catch,

    I used to live in VA Beach. The Striper fishing is unreal in the Fall (November and December) and the Fluke fishing is real good in the Summer. Both are inshore fisheries and pretty accessible.
  4. GanderVA

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    Good wade fishing in the spring for American Shad and Stripers in and at the base of the falls on the Rapp.
  5. first catch

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    Thanks! I'll definitely give stripers a try, I've been wanting to catch one for a while now and I'll try to get to the coast when I can.