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    A friend in the oil business sent me this awesome video of a Marlin stuck in rig structure off the Texas Coast. Well, he said it was a marlin, but it looks to me to be a very nice size Broadbill. They go down in a submersible to check out a problem the broadbill has created upstairs. His bill is breaking off cable communications in the heart of the rig. The submersible has a mechanical arm and maneuvers to grab the stuck broadbill by the tail. They free it and it charges back into the rig and gets wedged in again. They finally free it on the second try. The diameter of the tail is huge. I would guess this slob to be in the 400+ range. It's hard for me to read the depth gauge in the video, but it appears to be very very deep.

    I can't figure how to put it up on the video section of this forum. It's either to large or the file extension is wrong. If there is someone that is a techie and might be able to change to extension of the file, PM me your email address and I'll send it to you. Maybe you could put it up. It's a freaking awesome video.
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    I saw this video on another website. It was a very neat clip. Stupid fish, it swam right back into the structure. I wonder if it believed the yellow tangle of pipes/wires were squid? They should of hung onto its tail and brought that stupid fish to the surface.

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    here you go Mr Bill.

    The video is awesome that fish is huge and he is attacking the platform.

    YouTube - Broad bill Swordfish stuck

    dont know how long it will take but i posted it. for some reason it wont post the whole thing.
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    The Sub operator did a great job with the tail grab.
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    yeah, that was some deft robotic fish wrangling.... Cool video..
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    That was filmed at the Semi submersible Atwood Eagle. Not sure where it was located in Aug of 08 when the film was taken.

    For those interested, here are the rig specs.



    CONSTRUCTION: Alabama Maritime Corp., Mobile, Ala, 1982, upgraded 2002.

    PERFORMANCE: Water depth--5,000'; Drilling depth--25,000'.

    QUARTERS: 120 persons plus 5 bed hospital.

    HULL: 325' x 200' x 95'.

    VARIABLE LOAD: 4,500 t.

    HELIPORT: 83' x 83'.

    STORAGE: Mud & Cmt Bulk--10,000 cf+5,000 sks; Liquid Mud -- 3,172 bbl; Fuel -- 6,432bbl; Water for Drilling--16,906 bbl; Potable Water -- 1,600 bbl.

    DRILLING EQUIPMENT: Drawworks--Oilwell E-3000; Pumps--Three Oilwell A-1700 PT triplex; Prima movers--Two EMD-16E-9 Diesel 3,070 hp. One EMD-16E-8 Diesel 2,200 hp, Rotary Table--Nat'l Oilwell D 605, 60 1/2"; Pipe Handling System--lower racking arm & Iron Roughneck; Top Drive--Varco TDS--4.

    DERRICK: 185'. 1,200,000 lb hook load capacity.

    BOP SYSTEM: Two Shaffer 18 3/4". 5,000 psl annular; Two Cameron "U" double 18 3/4" 10,000 rams; Regan KFDN diverter.

    CRANES: One Seatrax 8032,150' boom 105,059 lb @ 95'; one model 6032,140', 61,620 lb @ 90'.

    MOORING: Four Amclyde CTW 350/52 comb. winch/windlass w/8 take-up reels; eight 3 1/4" ORQ + 20 x 3,300' chain; eight 3 1/2" 6 x 47' EEEIPS x 10,000' wirerope, eight 12 t Stevpris anchors.