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Well with a few days at the house due to a sick lower unit and the weather. I have the time to give a recap of the past few weeks of fishing. I started off with a tuna flyfishing trip of which we were successful.

One of the highlights of the trip was our third sailfish of the summer. Even though not on fly it was still nice to get a billfish in some pretty green water.

The tuna fishing has been just about as good as it gets. Even with it being very good there are still days you have to fish for them.
On one such day I made a huge loop throughout the gulf with a great group of guys in
from south florida. We tried everywhere only to double up on 80-90lb fish on the last two baits at the very last spot of the day. Needless to say it was pretty nerve wracking trying to get both fish in with guys that have never caught them before. But Jesse,Matt,Russ and Dan managed to get them both. I had to add everyone since it took everybody to get them.

The only other tough day we had was with Scott Leif and Jeff in from California. We only got two yellows also on a double at the last spot of the day. But the majority of the day was spent on a real decent blue caught on 50lb mainline and 60lb fluro with a threadfin. We capped off the day with our snapper.
Here is Scott with the blue and the following picture is Scott after the blue.

Other than those couple of days the norm has been my two per person boat limit of yellowfin. Or either the clients saying no more. The upside is the topwater bite has been pretty good if you have the patience to wait for your shot.
There is a couple of days that I have to talk about on Sunday the 9th I had the Carter Benton crew for the Fishing to Hear Rodeo. Only Jim and his father made it in the morning as the rest of the crew came down with a case of food poisioning. We only caught one tuna but the father son team put the screws to a 83lb tuna good enough for first place.

Here is the full crew.

It was only one fish but the way in which we caught it was rewarding. And on the way in we picked up our four snapper. OnWednesday the 12th I had Cooper,Cutler and Johnny in from Ft. Lauderdale in for a tuna slaughter. At first the weather was a non issue but by the time we loaded the well with four dozen or so threadfin. The long run I was palnning on making was out of the question. And with thunderstorms boxing us in. I went to the only clear spot I could find. It was divine intervention as we pulled up to tuna going berserk. We would double up and then retreat under the rig due to the lightning and 47 mph winds. As soon as it cleared we would ease back out and either double or triple up. It was as fast as it gets. Without the weather. I am sure we could of caught the 15 out of 19 in less then a hour instead of quitting at 11:30. I am waiting on the guys to put together the video with some killer underwater footage and send me a CD with the pictures. On all my trips the rigging is pretty simple 50-60 mainline and 60lb Seaguar fluro. The bait is coming off of number 8 Mustad sabiki's. And as long as you find the threadfin most days the fish will commit suicide for you. Until the next report catch'em up.
Capt. Mike

Here are a few assorted shots I left out.
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