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This report will cover the last twelve days of fishing down in Venice. And I will let the pictures tell most of the story. The weather played a part big part on a few of the of the trips. On a few days we just mostly ran away from storms all day long, but still managed some fish. One the first day with the Jobey Leray party it rained so much on us that it filled a five gallon bucket a little less than half full. But as bad as the weather was it went to as good as it gets. The yellowfin was the primary species on most of the trips with the red snapper a nice bonus to the box at the end of the day along with a few dolphin. We also had the opertunity at a blue and a couple of whites but the light leaders we were using put us at a disadvantage but we got a few jumps out of them. The only problem with the tuna bite is that you are having to wade through the cudas for them. On average we are having 4-5 cuda bites for every yellowfin. One day the tuna are in the 90-over 100 pound range and the next they are all 50lbers. The highlight of this series of trips was when Blake Schidler hooked a 113lb yellow on a spinning rod and a popper. What makes this fish so special is that Blake was only 13. He fought it for as long as he could before he had to give it up. But back at the dock he let everyone know it was his fish. It was a nice stretch of fishing with a lot of personal best fish along with first tunas. Now here is a few of the pictures of what has been coming to the dock. Here is a shot of Homer with his flyrod hooked up to a big jack cravelle

The last fish before a nasty storm with 30 knot winds chased us back to the dock.

Rod Schidler hard at work on his tuna.

Young Blake hard at work with his soon to be 113lb popper caught tuna.

The results of Blake's cast.

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