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The last few days down in Venice have been good. Altough the weather guesser needs to recalibrate his crystal ball. I started off on Friday with Bridgett Heptner and her son for a pre mothers day trip. The goal was to catch some dolphin and maybe a wahoo. We started out trolling a perfect looking color change with the prettiest swimming ballyhoo but there was no body home in the few miles we fished it. We continued to work our way east and trolled some bouys looking for our dolphin. The snake wahoo took a few of our circle hooked ballyhoo. But we finaly manged to get one snake about three quarters to the boat before something ate him. The first part of the request was partially filled now for the dolphin. We only found one lone cow before we switched over to tuna fishing and caught 4 yellows. The tuna bite was good and we could of caught all we wanted but they had enough so we left them biting.

before they called it quits to go and try for some other species. Of which they eluded us. It was a tough day with lots of lost fish we had plenty of bites it was just that our conversion of bites to fish in the box was way down. Overall not a bad day with 4 yellows and a dolphin and plenty of high and low points.
The following day I had the Cody Collins gang in for some tuna fishing and with the bite being good the day before. I went to the same spot and partially because it was just to snotty to run any farther out. We started off chunking the fish and the first bait out got eaten while I was going over the technique. Not a bad way to start at all. We then had a couple dry runs. Then we had a few runs with only sharks. But when we found the sweet spot it was doubles and singles and looking like it was going to be an early day. Then we lost two crew members to the effects of the seas. So now it was down to two remaining crew they kept at it while making fun of the two sick ones. Finaly after the seventh yellow hit the ice they decided to take pitty on the sick ones and head back to the dock early. Here is Mica and Cody with there tuna before the seas took them out.

The next day I had Mitch Johnson and some of his college buddies in to try and catch their first yellowfins. This time the weatherman got it right. Normaly nobody likes the fog but with the thick fog that ment the wind was down and the ride out was going to be good. So on this morning I welcomed it. It was a pleasure to set my throttles and just ride. We got to the bait spot and quickly caught some of the most perfect tinker mackerels I have ever seen. Things were looking pretty good the cudas were only a small nuscience at least for now. After we filled the well with baits we pulled off the rig and set up on a nice showing of tuna on the sounder at 100'. Only to have the first two baits not make it far from the boat before they were blown up by what should have been tuna. But turned out to be only cudas. We regrouped and then put the baits out again and then we had 20" yellowfin eating 10-12" baits nit exactly the size we were looking for. The school I was marking finaly decided to eat and we put three yellowfin in the boat as quick as we could.

It was funny to everyone watching Mitch first get abused by a tuna. Then when it was someone else's turn suddenly it wasn't funny anymore. The next bite was Eric's and was the last one we would have at that spot and it took just about an hour and several rotations of the rod. Everyone was beat so I finished it off. It wasn't a monster fish but a good solid 130 or so. It was just a real mean fish.

With that fish in the boat they said that they had enough tuna and wanted to try for something different. The options were put out for the rest of the day and the amberjack option was chosen. But on the way to catch some jacks I had to pass by one more rig and we still had a well full of bait. We made one more tuna pit stop and immediately caught one a popper and lost a good fish to the cables on the rig. We ended our day with five yellows to about 130 and headed for the dock.

Capt. Mike
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