Venice Trip Report with Peace Marvel

Discussion in 'Pelagics' started by The Great PF, Jul 26, 2009.

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    Hey, Guys:

    We just got back from Venice where we targeted yft and swordfish. Our overall trip was great, but the catch was rather lean. We all know that it's 'fishing' and not 'catching'. We were out on the water about 22 straight hours as we were drifting hard tails for swords all night long. We never hooked one which came as a surprise to Capt. Peace and some other captains that we spoke to when we returned to the dock.

    Capt. Peace still showed us a very good time, but sometimes things don't work out quite the way you want them to. We did return with 8 snappers, 8 black fins, 1 AJ and 1 Almaco. My arms are rather tired, though, due to the heavy influx of bonitas which ALWAYS seemed to be around; you can't eat 'em, but they are fun. The new guy on the trip caught one VERY small yft, but we had to throw it back--it was only the size of a small black fin.

    One cannot go out on a trip like that without learning something new. On this trip I was armed with my arsenal of Williamson and Shimano jigs. Using my jigs I did catch bonitas, black fins, bonitas, hard tails and bonitas. Did I mention that I caught some bonitas?? Capt. Peace commented that he favored Bomber jigs, and he let me let me use his 'lucky' Bomber which I proceeded to lose when my leader broke, I'm sure in the jaw of a bonita. It was VERY obvious to me that his 'lucky' lure had caught LOTS of fish before I got a hold of it. I haven't seen Bomber jigs for sale. Does anyone know where I can buy some??

    As a lure 'review', I did try out a Williamson Vortex jig for the first time, and it did work 'OK', but I don't think I'll get another one....the assist hook seemed too long, and the bend in the hook wrapped itself around the bottom of the lure, and therefore, it didn't flop around as much as I wanted it to. I think this cost me some hookups. (But, of course, they would have been bonitas, so can I really complain.....?)

    This was our second trip with ReelPeace, and we've already booked Capt. Devlin for two days in February, 2010. They are very experienced and helpful.

    Also, thanks to Sean who was a great assistant to Capt. Peace.
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    Sounds like u had fun! How far out did u go, and how was the water color. I will be there next week.

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    Our first stop for tuna was at the rig Murphy Medusa. Capt. Peace said it was about 55 miles south of Venice. I would not characterize the water as being blue--I think you'd have to go out about 75 miles for blue water. Everyone says it's getting better, but conditions are certainly not prime right now.

    Several nice tuna were caught in connection with the Faux Pass fishing tournament. I don't know where they were caught, though.
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    nothin wrong with boneheads! theyre fun when the fishing is slow. too bad on not getting any swords to cooperate. always next time. i enjoyed the read and thanks for the report!