Venice - the Lump - Friday Feb. 8th

Discussion in 'Boat Pooling' started by En Fuego, Jan 21, 2008.

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    Hey guys -
    I have a 36 Twin Vee booked with Paradise Outfitters for Friday, Feb.8th.
    So far it's me and one other person.

    I have not booked accomodations yet, as I am waiting for feedback to see what preferences there are for splitting rooms, etc.

    I am driving my Yukon from Houston, and can take 3 people with me.

    I will be leaving from Houston on Thursday at noon, fishing all day Friday, and returning part way Friday night - probably to about Baton Rouge. then getting back into Houston around noon or 1:00 on Saturday.

    If you need to fly in, I can pick you up from New Orleans airport on my way through.

    Call or email.

    Andrew West
    [email protected]