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I re-rig the Frenzy flyers with one or two good quality trebles. Cut the long leader down so that you can use a spinner and cast it kinda like a popper. It is often allowed to stay out as we move the boat back to a rig after completing a drift. You can make a daisy chain for trolling them. If you choose to slow troll a livey around a rig, put a flyer back way long.

The charter capts don't like to mess with down riggers much when bump trolling. They'll just move to another rig. I see nothing wrong sending a bait deep if you have anglers that are capable of helping.

Try to find Eddie Burger when you are there. If he is spending alot of time on the water, he'll know what is working.

The long jigs and topwaters were working very well a month ago. Good sized Mahi were easy to find.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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