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Have you ever felt like a blind dog in a butcher shop? Well that's exactly how I felt this last weekend with the Teal ducks flying, bow season right around the corner, and the Tuna in Venice still in suicidal mode. Some how I was able to stay focused long enough to make a dash offshore, and boy did we have a good time!!

It seems that there are Tuna just about everywhere. The only thing you have to decide is what size you would like and how far you want to run. The smaller fish seem to be in close and the bigger fish are out far. I was fortunate in the fact that my group wanted the larger variety. I love it when that happens!!! We wound up 60 miles out of the pass before we made our first stop with two more stops even further out on the agenda. The good news is that we never had to leave the first spot. The closer we got to the first spot we could see what looked to be either Tuna busting or a B-52 carpet bombing the place. Upon pulling up to the rig we could see the Tuna putting on one heck of an Ariel show. Alan, a Tuna virgin, grabbed a popper and with the boat barley off plan threw his top water bait right into the mouth of a hungry Tuna. Gotta Love that!! While he was hooked to that fish I was trying desperately to get a live bait in the water in order to double up. The only problem was that there were so many Tuna in the water that every time I threw the poor little bait in the water he ran right back to the boat and would jump onto the swim platform! Anyway we got Alan's fish in the boat and the fish went down long enough for us to get some baits in the water and we went to work. We wound up picking up five more solid Yellowfin on live bait before my people informed me that it was time to leave. I hate it when that happens!

If you can get away from the Ducks and the Deer the Tuna are really going good. It should last through October.

God bless!
Capt Jerry
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