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Gotta love Venice!!!

As good as this summer has been it seems to just keep getting better. Especially the Tuna fishing. Some fish are still in open water but they seem to stacked up at there normal haunts as well. The other really neat thing about what's going on now is that it seems that the fish are Everywhere!. The other day we made the decision to run straight out the pass and after making a three man limit of Yellow's by 11:15 thought that we had made the right decision, especially in view of the fact that every other boat in site was hooked up as well. Turned out that when we got back to the dock a few of the other Captains had gone other directions and all of them had plenty of Tuna as well, Jimmy ****** had seven Yellows and a Sailfish as a bonus. Way to go Jimmy!

I don't know how much longer it can last but I'm thinking that right know is a really good time to put everything on the back burner and GO FISHING!

I should have some really neat photos in the not too distant future as we have had a couple of really GOOD photographers with some really expensive cameras that promised to forward us the best pictures. I'll post them as soon as I get them so be on he look out.

God bless!

Capt Jerry
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