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Just returned from a stretch that included the Fishing to hear rodeo and it seems to me that as good as this summer has been already it just keeps getting better!!! Although the blue water has gone off to parts unknown, the Tuna have decided to eat everything in site.

This past week we had a really good time playing with the Tuna as they decided to change thing up a little. Rather than hanging around there usual haunts they decided to move into open water, maybe it was the full moon , maybe it's just that time of year. Anyway it's pretty much like bird hunting with dogs only in this game its fish hunting with birds. Find the frigates and you've found the fish!!! Sometimes it may take 30 minutes for the fish come up but when they do its GAME ON and they'll eat the poppers or the live baits!!! If there is a problem at all it is that the fish are sucking down the live baits so hard that allot of the fish are getting gut hooked and are chewing through the leader before we can get a gaff in them. The good news is that there are so many eager participants that we still have full ice holes at the end of the day.

The Fishing to hear rodeo continues to bless everyone that has anything to do with it, myself included! At the little get together and fish fry the night before the rodeo the Momma of the little boy that was the recipient of the implant from last years rodeo got up and did a little talk. Naturally she wanted to thank everyone that had contributed to the event but she went on to explain that no matter how good the New Orleans Oral school was that for her son learning to sign was never going to be an option. Her son had been born both deaf and with Palsy. Her little boy was trapped inside his body. She went on to say that with the gift of the implant her son had recieved the yearbefore that he could not only hear but he was beging to say words and was even putting smll sentences together. WHAT A BLESSING!!

If you not familiar with the rodeo go to www.fishingthear.org You can buy raffle tickets on line for next years rodeo.
Hoe to see you there!
God bless!
Capt Jerry Allen


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