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    fished friday out of Venice with high expectations of good fishing. The weather was great, seas were great
    but the tuna were not playing nice. As a matter of fact the bait was biting better than the tuna! Made about 50 baits in 15 minutes and arrived at my spot a short while later. Saw one good fish bust and it took about 10 minutes and we boated a 70lb. fish. After that we caught one more barely legal yellowfin, add eight or so big blacks and it was lights out. Zip, Zero, Nada. After that I took tour of the northern gulf to find only blackfin. Rolled in scratching my head. Alot of tuna were
    brought in, just not where i was! Oh, well, was great to be on the water on such a nice day. On the way out I passed seven pods of whales which was pretty cool. Seemed they were all traveling in one direction. The weather looks like it will straighten out in the next few days. I have a few days open this week if you would like to go gimme a ring.
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    Nice report Capt.