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    Well, I hope everyone's new year is starting off right. I made it back into town last thursday night from a six day waterfowler's dream hunt in north Oklahoma and Stuttgart, Arkansas. I swapped trucks and down to Venice I went for a private boat trip friday with mike bales and his guest, Monsignor Nolte and father jimmy. This trip was on mike's boat and we left in fog so thick you could taste it. After a very long day of scouting new area's for wahoo it was not to be. The days take consisted of 5 blackfin tuna that fell for stretch 30's. Saturday I had Mr.Otto Mutzberg and his son little otto and other son brian for a two day exploit. Saturday morning as usual the fog was as thick you would've sworn we were in Transylvannia! We left a few hours later than normal due to the threat of weather and headed down river and tip-toed our way thru the fog and down river. I went to a different area than the day before and weeded through three different rigs and bamm! Solid strike and first wahoo come aboard! We would end up going six for ten and got chased off by the threat of a very ugly storm building in the distance. Made it back to the marina with lightning chasing my prop wash. All fish were from 35- 65lbs. Sunday the guys insisted they had enough wahoo meat and wanted to try for yellowfin. I tried everything but vise-grips to convince them to go back for more wahoo but they really wanted some fresh yellowfin. Sunday was a little more sporty and after a quick stop at the lump I was greeted by nasty water and kingfish. I had enough of that after five minutes and headed south. First stop looked good but after an hour and no marks or blow-ups on live mullet I headed further south in a sloppy chop. Second stop looked much better with a few markings. First drift with a chunk was a hook-up but the fish pulled in the cables. We stayed with it and ended up pulling a hard earned yellowfin in the 65-70lb class. Mr. Otto was a pleasure and took perfect care of their yellowfin carefully wrapping every steak. They headed back to Georgia with a big smile and a several coolers of meat. Yesterday was captains day to play. Myself, along with Capt. Scott Sullivan of Mexican Gulf charters and my deckhand Will left the marina at 10:15 and started fishing at 11:45. The wahoo were on fire. We stopped at six, giving ourselves two fish a piece. Total knockdowns were 12. Made one pit-stop for scamps and picked up three and an aj on butterfly jigs. We headed for the barn at 3:15! These fish ran from 40-70lbs and were very aggressive. The fishing will only get better and the lump should be anyday now. Take care and good fishing.

    Captain William Wall
    Pelagic Charters
    Venice/Grand Isle,La

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    Those minnow lures ya'll are using, what brand and model are they? Were ya'll trolling them or cast/retrieve on drift? VERY nice Wahoos!!

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    the wahoo are freaking thick over there right now

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    Call me crazy but I prefer the taste Wahoo. What kind of prices do you guys charge for a day of chasin tail?
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    the lure is a Mann's stretch-30, lordhell. any color is fine as long as it's pink.
    looks like the hoo's are there just a little bit.
    I need to get my asss down there.
    Way to go, guys!