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    Just getting back from Venice and I have to say the fishing right now is truly exceptional on a variety of species. I fished Eric Newman with Bluerunner foods Friday inshore along with his friend Paul. We started the day off right picking off two tripletail in the 12lb class off a floating log and after that a storm chased us off, forcing us to change gears. We ended up in east bay fishing mangroves on slip corks picking up 23 and one large red snapper in 20ft of water. With plenty of time on our hands we headed toward the marina and hit one little cut off the river and picked up a limit of reds and one nice flounder. On Saturday we headed offshore this time looking for tuna. Ricky Thomas, owner of Bluerunner foods joined us along with his buddy dean. Bait was playing hard to get but we secured twenty or so and headed deep. We stopped short of our first stop on a school of open water tuna. It seems they were working over small baits that were taking shelter under a floating crate. We made a 100 of those and pressed on. The fish were slow at first so we made one more move. Shortly after baits in, we picked up a double on small yellows. The next bait in the water got nailed by a small white that put on a nice but brief show before throwing the hook. We picked up one more fish in the 60lb class before making another move. Next stop the fish were busting and we double up on Frenzy poppers right off the bat. We pulled the hooks off the second fish and boated the first in the 70lb class. Not a bad fish at all on the popper. After that we caught three more and headed for the barn. On Sunday I ran a trip for Capt. Troy Wetzel. Bait was hard to come by and with only a few to show for hard efforts and loosing a million Frenzy sabiki's we finally hit the hardtail mother load. First stop we picked up three small yellows and then nothing. We made a long run and upon arrival it was worth it. In the next two hour we picked up seven yellows up to 70lbs. Not bad for a crew that had never been offshore before. The fishing in Venice should continue to be solid and the arrival of the big boys is right around the corner. I have an opening for this Sunday as well as days left in October. Give me a buzz, it should be good.

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    Great report, nice fish. If you could let me know what the cost for a trip would be that would be great, I am hoping to get a couple guys together sometime within the next month or so. Thanks