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Good morning. Just getting back from Venice last night and heading back down this afternoon. The offshore fishing is in full swing right now. The blue water is close in which will provide opportunities at tuna and marlin. I talked to Capt. Hunter yesterday and he had several large bull dolphin and we both agreed that the dolphin bite should be stellar this year. Snapper season is right around the corner and all I can tell you is there are some slob snapper ready for the taking. Add cobia to the mix which have showed up and what more could you ask for? On that note my Sat, Sunday trip is being resheduled due to a unexpected surgery. With that being said and the forecast of 1-2ft. the weekend looks awesome. I have two 33T Contender,s available for this weekend. Day trip or overnight-er, take your pick. Give me a call or e-mail me if anyone would like to take advantage of this beautiful weather this weekend.

Captain William Wall
Pelagic Charters
[email protected]
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