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The fishing here in Venice is definitely getting right. The tuna have been gorging themselves on little hardtails, flying fish, etc... Last week was solid for everyone I believe despite the nasty thunderstorms that started Thursday. I have been in stand by mode due to a lower unit issue that cost me the weekend. Thursday was the last day I fished and despite bumpy seas we made bait easy and the first stop was a double hookup right off the bat. One dink and one keeper for the box. Moved two more times before finding the tuna jumping everywhere. We picked up five more before heading north to avoid the storm of the century bearing down on us quick! We didn't make it two miles when I blew my center motor gear case. #@!$! I hate that. We were fortunate enough to maintain enough speed to barely and I mean barely stay ahead of the storm. All the while lightning was popping all around. What is a capt to do? Turn the stereo LOUDER! I counted three schools of open water tuna on the way in. I will be back in business in the morning and the fishing should be solid. Fish were still being caught as of yesterday. I have several dates in September and October and the approaching fall means big fish. Give me a call to book your next trip.

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