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    On 9/8 I had the Stirling group for some offshore fun. Michael had bought along his brother-in-law Criag. What made this trip special was the fact that Craig is a double amputee. We started the day making threadfin and they came easy. A short run later and no boats around, things looked good. Ten minutes later the tuna busted hard off the bow and we hooked up instantly on the Frenzy popper and followed up with another on the threadfin. We landed both of these fish and I told Craig "The next one is yours." A short while later the starboard rigger pops and its game on for Craig. He fought this fish with total heart and after alot of cranking and pulling Craig had accomplished his goal of landing his first yellowfin. After that high fives ensued and we stuck around for a bit, pulling off another. We finished the day with a nice limit of crimson nibblers. Craig, you are the man.

    The next day was The Fishing To Hear rodeo. I had a three man group from PPG companies. These guys contribute alot to the foundation. Again, make bait and run. Lines out and no love after 30 minutes, so we ran little further south only to run back to an open water bite that one of my captain buddies was on. These fish were moving fast so it was run and gun style. We picked up a nice fish right off the bat and three small yellows which we released. A short while later we picked up a 50lb fish along with some huge blacks. After weeding through a ton of small fish we connected on the Frenzy popper with a solid 80lb fish. After that we were treated to a surprise visit from a whale shark that started rubbing himself on the boat. We took turns taking a swim with him. Cool way to end the day and it was a pleasure to be a part of the rodeo.

    9/13-14 was spent looking for the biggest snapper we could find. 31lbs was the biggest along with several over twenty. The tuna for the most part didn't want to play nice so we opted for the meat. Add limits of jacks for both days and snapper season was over.

    The fishing down here in Venice will get better and better as we pass the next few weeks. The water in the river is getting green and the clean water offshore is pushing close. The tuna can be caught right now close in and the cobia fishing will be "stupid" here shortly. We still have several dates open in Sept. and October. The mullet run will begin in Oct and the fish should be behind the shrimpers. Big fish season is almost here.
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