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Finished up three days offshore with fair results and quite a few heart-breakers. Thursday I had the murden group and we made the decision to tuna fish first since the lines have been forming better in the afternoon. We made our way south to find very little current and an endless flat sea. On the way out we got to witness a blue fin crash on an open water school of tuna so that got everybody pumped for sure. We had a hard time getting live bait and with only two to show for over 45 minutes of fishing we decided to fish what we had since the fish were busting in the distance. First bait in the water lasted about 1 minute in the rigger and game on. Nice fish in the 70lb class. We pitched the other bait out and was immediately greeted by a nice cow in the 20lb class or so. We made another attempt at the live bait with no love and started chunking only to find out that my " fresh" pogies I got that morning weren't so fresh so we pushed a little north on a line and put out a nice four bait spread picking up a nice bull. We stuck it out on the line the most of the afternoon looking for the blue-suit and saw one but no takers. Made the nascar pit-stop for snaps on the way in and called it a day with some nice fillets for the St. John parish swat team.

On Friday I ran a trip for Paradise outfitters. We started off the day on a nice line and shortly after deployment the shot gun and starboard short got nailed. Nice double on wahoo that ate both Maikaira bullwinkle with meat. We barley got started again when a little white was batting around the port long. Free spool.......zzzzzzzzz! Off she went only to throw the hook. I hate that. We stayed with the line only to pull off a large bull that had me looking at my hooks hard. Mustad 7691 S 10/0 very sharp, fish must have rubber lips. We left the line to look for tuna for awhile with some very small hard tails we picked up and again first bait in the water fish on. After that no love. We made our way back to a large mat and while I was setting the port bait a large bull picked it up on the drop and found the hooks. What happened next still has me looking like a deer in the headlights. After boating that fish we reset and shortly afterwards a small gaffer dolphin picks up the shotgun lure. No problem, Mr. Ricky's son is reeling him and a jumbo blue leaves a hole under him the size of a small compact car! I grabbed the rod and dropped it back in free spool and let him eat. We came tight and raced forward and the fish launches out of the water about 7 ft with the dolphin hanging out of his jaw. We got one more jump out of him going 25mph trying to get ahead of him and the line goes limp with the beat up dolphin dragging on the surface. Hummm... that was cool. That fish was 450 lb's easy and was putting on a show. After that we made the decision to give our nerves a break and picked up our limit of snaps on the way in. Very cool indeed.

Saturday I had the Papamichael group. Upon arrival at the marina, the dock looked like Walmart the day after thanksgiving! Truly a site to see. After a delay in the ice department due to a lack of, we secured ice and made our way out. The plan was for marlin and we stuck with it all day with a swing and a miss on a large hard tail to show for it. We stopped again and picked up a limit of very nice snaps up to 15lbs and headed for the barn after a hard effort in the heat. Right now there is a variety to be had. The marlin bite has been pretty incredible in the last three weeks along with nice bulls. Wahoo are in the lines and the tuna bite should get better with the coming moon.

Captain William Wall
Pelagic Charters


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