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Mother nature played nice last week long enough for me to pull off three days. On Tuesday I had Dermot Wong along with his a few of his buddies in town for some tuna fishing. I had to reschedule this trip three times and this time the weather man got it right. We left the marina and started down river when my port and starboard motor rpm's started fluctuating as if it were not getting fuel. I figured I had a filter issue and after a quick talk with Capt. Beach he assured me that was the problem. We eased back to the marina and after a phone call the mechanic was on the way down from N.O. Bill Butler was gracious enough to let me use his boat so we swapped gear into the "Craw-Gator" Invincible and sped off down river once gain. By this time it was around nine so I put the hammers down in an effort to make up for lost time. We mad a pit stop for bait and picked up around twenty beautiful little morsels. I arrived at my next destination to find Capt. Hunter bowed up and my first two baits in the water were greeted by two cow dolphin in the 20lb class. I gave that a few and decided to move on and give Capt. Hunter his space. We ventured on to a further south position and went 6 for 10 on yellows. On Thursday I had Lem Quack and his buddies from Texas. These guys were an absolute treat to fish with and knew there stuff. We left Venice marina and the "All Inn" roared to life after her little doctor visit. We ran offshore at 47 m.p.h and made bait again. We left with around 50 live baits and made our way south. A short while after lines in we boated a small yellow and pulled the hooks on two. After 30 min. and no love I moved to another spot not to mark anything. I made one more move and found a small school of yellows. After a few swing and misses we called it quits with six yellow fin and it approaching 5:30. On Saturday I had Mr. Lee Cotoya along with his family and friends. I had Capt. Lee run half the group for me and we made our way downriver. I had just passed Port Eds when Capt. Rimmer and Capt. Trey passed me going the other way and warned me that it was pretty rough. I eased out a sloppy pass and made my way at 20 m.p.h. in 4-6 seas. We made it out to the shelf and immediately picked up a double on naked bally-hoo and pulled the hooks on another. After that it was nothing but undersized yellows. I marked several good fish and tried chunking them but the tuna wanted nothing to do with it. I went back to ballyhoo expecting a late afternoon bite but it never happened. At 6:30 we called it quits after a serious effort. We rolled back to the marina in following seas. I will have to say the Mr. Lee along with his wife and daughter and her boyfriend were troopers and never quit fishing and still had a great time despite the conditions. The wind looks like it will calm down this week and I am looking for redemption after getting some "pre-summer" bugs out. Snapper season is around the corner which will allow for a little red color in the box and the tuna fishing will only get better. I have several days open in May and June. I also have Wed, Thurs, and Sunday open this week if anyone would like to give it a go. Be safe and good fishing.

Captain William Wall
Pelagic Charters


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