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I know I am a little late in getting my report up. But I was trying to edit some of the pictures to protect the innocent and the few people that might get affended by a little nudity. I haven't got it finished yet so this report will have to have the pictures added in a day or so. On Friday I had Nicole, Brandon and Charlie out for some tuna fishing. They got exactly what they wanted and then some. It was just one of those epic days with a great crew. I can't believe I even got payed for it. It started off a little bouncy on the way out not to bad. That was the only downside to the entire trip. The bait came very easy with the cudas leaving us alone we quickly put about three dozen tinkers in the well and headed south. As we pulled up to the first spot there was nothing on the surface. But this is where I ended my last trip off with a strong catch so why not start here. The first bait in the rigger was there for about three minutes before it got ate. The second bait never made it to the rigger. The fishing was pretty much a blur. As soon as a fish was gaffed I would hook another bait and throw it out. It would immediately get eaten. There was hardly enough time for tequilla shots. They did get some sloppy half spilled shots in though. At one point I looked back and we had 9 yellows on the deck flopping around. Well 7 were flopping the other two had thier heartd ripped out since it was Brandon and Nicole's first yellows. Much to the dismay of the crew on the rig we cleaned up the boat and prepared to head to the house at around 12:30. I look forward to fishing that crew again as soon as possible.
The following day I had the Gleason crew in from Georgia. They saw the carnage from the day before so they were pumped up. We had a little diferent luck with the bait we had enough but the cudas were horrible. We had to run from them all day long. The spot from the day before was dead except for the cudas. So a quick move and we picked up one immediately perfect we will now go to work and mow some down. Well we did but they were only cudas. So we just kept moving and moving. We hit just about everything in the gulf. We marked fish at every rig we tried and we caught a pile of undersized blacks and yellows plus way to many cudas. Finaly we were at the point of turning back when we picked up a decent dolphin. That upped the spirits of the crew. I decided to try one more rig and use the last of our bait. Finaly when a reel went off I didn't just reel in a empty leader and retie a hook. we were finaly on another yellow. The fish decided to bite and we quickly put 4 in the boat up to 80lbs. We were late in the afternoon but persistance paid off and we ended the day with 5 yellows and a dolphin. I had the same crew the following day and with the tuna fishing from the day before and the weather forcast we tried to stick in close but once we left the pass our plans changed. So we regrouped and went to the west and got into calm water so they could drink there beer without holding on. I put out some wahoo baits and they commenced to having a few beers and reeling in all of the 20-40lb jack cravelle they wanted to. There was nothing for the box but they enjoyed it anyway. Sometimes you just have to roll with what is given to you. I will get the pictures put up on here before I go back to Venice on Thursdsay.

Capt. Mike Ellis
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