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    I started my last series of trips off on Tuesday with the Owen group in from Ga. This was the trip of suprises. The plan was for tuna and maybe a late season billfish. We had a late start due to the blackjack tables being hot at the Beau Rivage. The first spot there were a few fish marking on the sounder but the bait that was holding the fish at the rig had movd on. We put the baits out anyway and had a bite pretty quick on a mullet pinned on a 9/0 and 100lb Frenzy fluro. I thought it was the bite we were looking for and the fight was right on track for the target species. But in the end it was just a shark in the 8' range or so. We did mangae to drop butterfly jigs down and catch a small 25lb yellowfin and a blackfin. I decided to make a wahoo/tuna move to a shallower set of rigs. But mid way there I had a feeling and changed course to a completely different area. Once we got there it was a good call as a few fish were busting. So out go the mullet only to be feed to once again big sharks this time they were hammerheads. No problem Mike had brought along some high end jigging gear which was put to work on the smaller yellowfin and blackfin on the rig. The jig of choice was a 5" Tady. I didn't think they would work but they did. We ended up with 8 blackfin and four yellowfin there before the call for another species was made. So off to the AJ grounds now the jig we used here was something that I would of sworn would never work. But after the last comment of I don't think they will work I got into position the first drop and a nice 50lb AJ. Wow good thing I didn't say the ghetto jig with a strip of tuna on it wouldn't work. We put a pretty quick limit of above average amberjacks in the boat on a tady jig with a strip of tuna on it. It was getting time to head back to the dock so I repositioned for one last drop and as before as soon as the jig got down about 100' we had a bite. This fish acted different than the others and after 30 minutes into everyone was thinking monster AJ but it should of given up sooner than that I was thinking shark. But after 45 minutes we were all wrong and the AJ/shark turned into a 90lb yellowfin. We ended the day of surprises with that last fish and headed to the dock. The final susprise ws that I had forgotten my camera so I have to get four days worth of pictures from my guys. I will post them when I get them.
    The next three days I had a group in from Maryland for three days of tuna fishing on the lump. I was pretty excited when we were the first boat to show up and had the pick of where I wanted to anchor. But it wouldn't have mattered as the fish didn't want to play. Well the sharks did along with a few snapper and triggerfish. With the dismal lump action I decided to go wahoo fishing the next day and wait too see what the lump would do for the final day. This day started out of a high note with a triple at the first rig. But one got cut off one broke a Bomber deep diver but the trusty mirrorlure came through and young Brit lnded is first wahoo ever. it was just about as long as he was tall. We trolled around a few more minutes and started to work our way to the west. We had plenty of bites but there was some bad mojo going on that day. We couldn't get a fish all the way to the boat. Well if it was a oversize jack crevelle we could. We didn't lose one of them. So our final score was us one the wahoo 11. With nothing good coming from the lump the last day was going to be a whaoo day again. I ws just hoping the fish would connect better. Sunday started out slow we hit two rigs before we found them. But when we did it was a fish on just about every pass. We were doing nothing different on this day we didin't do yesterday except keep the fish on. Once that rig slowed down I made a move to a rig that was a gift from hurricane katrina. Then it got real good the first pass and a double one about 50 and the other we weighed in later at Crypress Cove went 92lbs. I have wahoo block I can't seem to get one over 94. I thought this one would of done it but it fell a few pounds short of the goal. We stopped wahoo fishing with a ethical number of 9 good wahoo in the boat and paly around with the bottom dewellers. Every drop resulted in a fish just not a fish being landed the rig was taking it's toll. We ended the day with 9 wahoo to 92lbs a AJ and a blackfin. Once again when they send me the pictures I will get them up.
    Capt. Mike
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    Dang, 92 pounds is big!! Lots of wahoo being caught!


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    Nice hoos. capt Mike. We are praying for a decent weather window next week.. lets see some pics, when you get them.. Looking forward to fishing with you.