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I hope everyone is doing well this holiday season. On Monday I was able to take advantage of the break in the weather and get off the deer stand and get back in the boat. Greg Cook and company came down for some "winter time" tuna in Venice. The day started out in complete white out fog that never broke until we were 23 miles offshore. The pucker factor was somewhere near 10 when I checked my gauge. We crossed a nice temp break, the fog gave way and the skies opened up to warm temps. With a slight nudge on the throttle's we left old man winter north of us. First stop showed life but someone must have told the tuna that mullet are infected with the swine flu, because they wanted nothing to do with it. We moved on and in the back of my mind I knew I needed to change the menu. Next stop same thing except to add insult to injury, serious detonations all around my cursed mullet. We were fortunate to make a short move and picked up some beautiful baby “crack” sized hardtails and back we went, armed with the special of the day. The first bait didn’t last long, as he was soon engulfed in a total awesome display of power and aggression of a 100lb yellowfin doing what he does best. I have to say the boys weren’t expecting the initial power of the tuna but soon they were in a groove. 80lb Frenzy flouro combined with a 7/0 Ultimate circle hook was the business end. If you haven’t tried the Frenzy flouro, you should, very abrasion resistant indeed. We closed the day with three fish in the 100-120lb range and headed for the barn. Good time and good people for sure. Our “lump” style fishing is right around the corner and with it comes the studs of winter. Each year starting in January, the tuna fishing goes into full gear and the wahoo fishing can be some of the best in the world on numbers and size. Give me a call to book your next offshore trip in Venice.

Captain William Wall
Pelagic Charters


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