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    After several weeks of strong easterlies and a brush with a tropical storm, the gulf laid flat like a pond, allowing for beautiful conditions. On Saturday I ran a trip for the Mexican Gulf Fishing Company. My crew consisted of a all star MLB line up that included hall of fame inductee Barry Larkin, formerly of the Cincinnati Reds. We rolled down the river at 50 m.p.h. and I never had to pull the throttles back once we hit the gulf. We started out wahoo fishing and only had a pull off to show for a serious effort. A capt. buddie hit me up on the radio that he had found some stud yellows and to get there quick. He was about fifteen miles away and in no time we pulled up to find his client bowed up in the harness. After a short lesson in chunking we picked up seven jumbo blackfin. We reset and started the process again and doubled up on two serious fish but broke one off in the pandemonium of trying to clear the lines as the fish crossed each other. The little 30w Tiagra was still screaming and we gave chase and was able to settle in with a straight up and down fight. Forty five minutes past by like five hours, add alot of grunts and groans and throw in a few select words and I sunk the gaffs in a nice fish in the 120-130lb class. We reset again and caught jumbo blacks on after the other keeping six more and releasing the rest. The guys called it a day early feeling satisfied and in the need of a cocktail. On Sunday the conditions were the same. I headed to the same area and we got started. Again, the blacks were thick. These are the 20-30lb jobs that eat anything thrown in the water. We fished into the early afternoon without seeing a yellow, when two studs appeared deep in the slick about 40ft down. They were playing hard to get eating everything without a hook. I downsized to 60lb Frenzy floro to try and get them to eat. We kept laying out the buffet when a nice cow dolphin showed up and we caught her quick. I kept feeding the tuna and finally the bigger of the two came right up and ate my chunk on que. I settled in and fought this fish while the guys were feeding two other tuna that came up on the other side of the boat. I am leaning on this fish hard when I look over and there is a wahoo in the 80lb class eating everything and lit up like a neon sign in the cobalt blue water. I yell for Capt. Mike to hook him. He ate the chunk as soon as it hit the water and streaked off on the surface for Mexico. The wahoo ate thru the floro after ten minutes which I was surprised it took that long. In the process Kevin hooked one of the other tuna and now we were doubled up on fatty's. Close to an hour later I finally had my tuna on its side and two gaffs later, a nice fish in the 140lb class hit the deck. I immediately focused my attention on Kevin's fish which was giving him a hard time. Another thirty minutes past and the circles got smaller and after an intense moment with a deep gaff we layed a nice fish in the 120lb class right next to his buddy in a bloody mess. Cool way to end the day indeed. The fishing here in Venice is strong right now as long as the weather permits. Starting in January it will go into full swing on large yellowfin and wahoo. I have dates available in December and the upcoming big fish season. Give me a call to book your next trip in Venice.

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    Nice tuna. Glad to see the larger tuna are showing up