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    The fishing in the last week has definitely gone off for sure. The tuna have been cooperating in a major way allowing for some exciting fishing and airshows! On 7/29 I had the McDaniel crew from Tenn. The day started out with bait coming easy. We pressed on and made a stop only to find flipper wanting my livies more than the tuna. Me and Capt. Eddie chatted and decided to run long in the sloppy seas. Once I arrived the tuna were busting everywhere and it didn't take long to hook up. Our first fish was a solid 60-70lber for a no longer tuna virgin ,which my whole crew were virgins. A short while later a 100lber clobbers the hardtail and we boxed it in twenty minutes. We added one more 80lber to the box and pulled off another. The last fish was on the kite and the strike was incredible to say the least. After that the guys said no more and we headed to the barn only to make a stop and pick up eight snaps and quite a few tuna steaks.

    I made a run over to Grand Isle on 7/30 to fish Kenneth V on Friday. The run over in the boat was interesting to say the least. SSW winds at 15-50 and taking them dead on the bow! Ouch! That night the wind was still blowing and the next morning it was still howling so we put that one off for a later date. I fished my way back that afternoon checking out a few spots for cobia and caught 6 by myself and gaffing my two fish limit.

    On 8/1 I ran a trip for Capt. Hunter and after making a ton off bait we cruised long in a calm sea and starting fishing. The only problem was the tuna must have been on break. After moving to another floater and no love, I made it back to my first location and had a swing and a miss on a nice blue. A short while later a solid 100lb fish grabs the kite bait and it was game over in 30 minutes. We set up again and in no time another blue in the 300lb plus range clobbers the hardtail and danced on the surface for 10 minutes before breaking the floro. After that everything went dead. We moved four more times and with time closing in we picked up three jacks to call it a day. I have video of the blue on the surface and I will post it soon. Hard day for sure but still a good time.

    On 8/4 I had Alex Goncharov and his day Uri and his friend Vladimir from St. Petersburg along with their American friend robin. I met the guys the night before and figured this was going to be interesting because alex's father uri and Vladimir spoke pure Russian and no English! We started the next morning early and found the mother-load of herring and made about 100 baits. Our first stop looked good with a few fish busting. First bait in the water was taken by a small white marlin only to break the 60floro at the boat. After that we pulled the hooks on a tuna and we made on more move. The second stop was the charm. The tuna were busting all around us. We hooked up right off the bait and Mr. Uri quickly passed the rod off to his son Alex and just sat back and smiled. We stopped at four tuna at their request to try for some other species. We pushed north and stopped in a little deeper water to try for some snaps. We picked up three amberjacks along with a scamp and five snappers. The three biggest snapper weighed 30lbs 27lbs and 23lbs respectively! Later that night I seared fresh tuna for the guys and enjoyed a cocktail. Even though there was a language barrier that day I found that fishing is universal. Cool day.

    The fishing will only get better on the tuna as August and September typically are banner month. The cobia fishing will be jam up shortly along with other goodies Venice has to offer. I still have dates open for this month. Please give me a call to book your next trip in Venice.
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    those sickles are sick

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    Great catches, glad to see that its starting up. Thanks for the report.
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    Will, what is on the feed for early October? we are coming to fish venice on Oct. 2-3rd Will the tuna still be feeding?

    Great Write up and Happy clients all round!!
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    The tuna fishing should be awesome at that time. Mullets will be the prime bait for the fatties.