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Good morning fishing folks. Its been awhile since my last report. I have been pretty busy fishing with good and bad days mixed. As most of us know the "bluewater" left us with a southbound current for parts unknown about three weeks ago and it put the halts on usual June offshore bite. The good news is it is making its way back. Hilton's shows a push coming in from the east and it won't be long. I have been filling in the gaps with the bottom goodies that seem to be plentiful right now. Snapper, aj's scamps, warsaw's and even some deep water species such as barrel fish and snowy grouper just to name a few. This Sunday the 19th is going to be the drawing date for the Fishing To Hear Rodeo and tickets can be purchased right up to the drawing. This is a great cause that will give a lucky child a gift for life. You can go to Fishing-To-Hear > Home for more info and to purchase your tickets. The date for the rodeo is set for August 9th at Venice Marina and should be a great time. I have some dates available in August and a few this month if anyone would like to go. Take care and good fishing.

Captain William Wall
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