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Thursday, I was invited to fish with ricky thomas, owner of Blue Runner food company, along with sales director eric newman and two of their buddy's, charlie and tommy aboard the 35ft Blue Runner triton. After discussing the plan wednesday night over drinks and a steak the decision was made to target wahoo. After arriving offshore in the a.m. we found life everywhere. The birds were working open water schools of pogies and there was a mixture of blackfin and yellows only they didn't want to cooperate. I covered 6 rigs and several open water stretches with no results and switched gears to butterfly jigs looking for a little white meat. My first stop resulted in a breakoff on a large ufo and we rebounded, landing a cobia in the 35lb class. Next drop was rewarded with another cobia in the 50lb class. We bounced around a little more and with time running short for charlie due to a scheduled meeting later on in the after noon we added one more cobia to the box and broke off three others. At the last stop we began picking up some of the prettiest scamp grouper I have seen in awhile. I gave it a whirl myself and up pops a scamp that we called close to 20lbs! along with another close to 15lbs and several others. Perfect way to end the day and hands down some of the best table fare. Friday I ran a trip for Paradise Outfitters. The hetch crew was down on a batchelor party and a little fishing as well. All of these guys were college buddies from back in the day. Onboard for this group was New Orleans Saints defensive tackle john stentchcomb. The day started looking for wahoo and on the second pass in open water we pulled the hooks on a blackfin and then Capt. Eddie hooked up to a mako right next to me. I lent him my flying gaff and continued fishing. With no love from the wahoo we made our way a little further offshore in a sloppy sea and settled down for an afternoon of tuna fishing. After going thru 964,521 hooks due to the every popular king makeral and other assorted toothy critters, we persisted and fished till dark picking up three small yellows in the 30lb class on the chunk and headed in thru storms and fog. Saturday was scheduled for four people but ended up being two due to two falling to the wayside. Onboard was steve from La. and harold from Seattle. Neither of these guys had caught a wahoo and really wanted one. I made the decision to run away from the crowds and on the first pass put a nice wahoo in the box. Two passes later we put another wahoo in the 45-50lb class in the box. The rest off the day was spent hunting hoo's and covering alot of water. With storms building to the noth and near 4:00, We made one final pass and harold was rewarded with his first wahoo. A very nice 63lb fish. Sunday moring I woke to thunderstoms and wind. We reschedule the trip for a nicer day. The fishing in venice remains steady on a variety of species and should get only get better once the unstable weather pushes thru. Give me a call to book your next trip and enjoy the pics.

Captain William Wall
Pelagic Charters
Venice, La


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