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Venice La sword/tuna report

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Here is a post put up on RonNReel by one of the guys I had out last weekend. It just goes to show you that Venice is definately the Sportsman's Capitol.

Capt. Mike

SWORD Fish CENTR*L!! Had a trip booked with Captain Mike Ellis of Relentless Sportfishing, man can I tell you we had an action packed night of [email protected] Fishing! Plan was to leave Venice Marina late Saturday afternoon and get in on the afternoon Tuna action then Head to the SWORD Fishing grounds. As we headed out it was beautiful and flat calm seas, we stopped at a few Tuna spots and picked up two Yellow Fin Tuna in about 45 Minutes, too bad we lost 2 more to pulled hooks. Anyway, we were stoked, fresh Yellow Fin Tuna and the BEST had YET to come. We made a move and begun setting the SW0RD lines. First drift nothing, Captain Mike said this drift was done just to get the look of things and besides it was just barely dark. SO, after Capt. Mike looked things over he moved us just a few yards and proclaimed “This is the Spot and NOW is the time”….While setting the lines we had a vicious strike and a Shimano 50 Wide began to SSSSSSSCCCCCCCCCRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAMMMMM. Man can I tell you if you have never experienced a HUGE Gladiator of the deep screaming line this is a must, must do!!! After a fierce battle a huge SWORD revealed itself and Capt. Mike sunk the Harpoon, 1st SWORD in the boat. Now we moved the boat and positioned exactly like that drift and set the lines this time we got them all the way out but only for a short few minutes, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ of goes a 50 wide Alutecnos (No Second Rate Equipment with this Captain) and in the boat comes the second SWORD of the night. Captain Mike called this fish a SWORDLET, although it might have been legal we agreed it was so early in the night we should not boat this fish but rather cut it loose to fight another day. Agreed! Next drift same deal screaming reels, is this normal? Does this ever stop? OOOPPPSSS, only a shark! OK, Fire drill over set the lines once again and well; You know by now, YEP, screaming line and yes once again a lengthy battle with the Purple fish and YEP, another nice SWORD in the boat.

At daylight we added a couple more Yellow Fin Tuna to the boat and headed in. Thanks Captain Mike and Relentless Sportfishing for a memory of a lifetime!!!

Michael Gray

620 Water Oak Dr.

Madison, MS. 39110

Cell# 601-573-3403
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