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Another week filled with ups and downs. The weather is really starting to make us miss those calm days we usually get every once in a while. I think I can speak for most of the charter boat capt's. when I say everyone is looking forward to the more favored seas the summer weather patterns have to offer. On Wed. I had the Cliff Mayasaka group down again, they were just looking to bend a rod and with the thunderstorms building along the cost we went after snapper first easily filling a limit and adding a cobia and grouper as well. We had a triple on gag grouper which is the first time I think I have seen this. They went from catching snapper three at a time to catching three grouper. You never know what is next. Now for Sat. And Sun. The biggest problem we had this past weekend was the wind and current. Not to mention bait. Our catches over the weekend were not as good as usual although we were lucky to have made our fishing trips. On Saturday we had part of a huge group down for their company trip. Despite the weather conditions they chose to give it a try snapper fishing and although we have been catching our limit, sadly to say Saturday we did not. The guys ended the day with several snapper, most of them mangrove, and a nice cobia. The wind prevented us from running where we had been very successful and currents played a big role as to where we could fish as well. Capt. Bob had the Ragan group and found a limit of snapper on an old wreck no one has fished in a while with their largest going right at 15lbs. On Sunday I had the Ragan crew who wanted nothing but Tuna. The winds didn't look to bad as we left out Sunday morning but they quickly picked up limiting us once again as to where we could go. We did put a nice 70lb. YFT in the boat and then nothing else for a while. They decided they were ready to bend a rod so we went to a spot that I knew we would easily catch a limit of snapper and did so with no problem. Capt. Bob started out tuna fishing with us, they went 0/1 on wahoo and easily caught their limit of snapper as well. The weather this week looks like it will prove challenging once again, hopefully the wind will lay down and I'm not talking about trees and small children. Doesn't look promising though. We still have open dates in June. Filling up quick. Things to look forward to are plenty of bull dolphin, marlin, yellow fin tuna, and cobia. If the rip lines form nicely the wahoo should be thick as well.
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