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The fishing the past four days has been very productive to say the least. The weather has been cooperative for the most part, (Except Friday) it has been a little bumpy offshore but not bad. On Wednesday we took out the Clark family and they wanted nothing but tuna. Mr. and Mrs. Clark who are right at 70 yrs. old were going to put themselves to the test. Their son Franklin was fishing back-up. First stop produced all they could handle. Our first two lines out resulted in two YFT. They brought those in with no problem. 1 about 55 the other about 40. 3rd Fish on was another good one and although Mrs. Clark hooked it Franklin had to finish it off and they called it a day. On Thursday we had the Yacowitz crew from New Jersey. They just wanted to mix it up some so we went after tuna first. It took a little while to get the first one on but no time to get him in the boat. Part of the crew became sea sick so they opted to head in a little closer and fish for snapper. In about 30 minutes they put their limit of snapper in the boat, all good sized fish from 6-10lbs. Saturday was a repeat of Thursday except for a cobia and some mangroves. Capt. Bobby Kenney stayed busy as well snapper fishing Thursday, Sat. And Sun. catching plenty of red and mangrove snapper along with a few A.J.'s Yesterday I had the honor of taking out Jeffrey Thibodaux and friends for the 1st annual fishing to hear rodeo. The snapper fishing started out a little shaky, we were having trouble keeping them on the hook, in no time after that they put their limit of snapper in the boat fairly quick. Once again nothing big, just good sized snapper. After that we went chasing tuna and they guys went two for three on YFT. The two caught were about 30 and 45lbs. The weather is starting to get just right for offshore fishing. The wind is starting to lay and all the conditions for incredible offshore fishing are starting to come together. The rip lines are starting to form, tuna are here in big numbers and the dolphin are starting to show up. Won't be long until we are in full swing summer time pattern fishing. We still have open days this month and next month is going quick.
Capt. Damon Mcknight/1 800 318 1720


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