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We have been very limited getting offshore for the past several weeks due to all the winds we have had. The fishing is good when you can get out but it hasn't been very often. The tuna have shown up in big numbers but they aren't exactly being cooperative. Typical for this time of the year. Things may start to shape up next week and we should have some good reports. We are moving into the summer pattern quickly. It won't be long until we are back fishing everyday. Throughout the next month the Mahi-Mahi will start to make a showing and if it is anything like last year there are going to be a lot of happy faces around the dock. As most should already know, at least those in the fishing world, snapper season opens on June 1. This will be one of the best snapper seasons, all two months of it, that anyone has experienced in a long time. I certainly look forward to that. We've got a few new gadgets and rigs to try out. As soon as the weather starts to cooperate a little we will be back out. Our last trip out was on Monday, Capt. Bob had the Dixon crew out, although a lot rougher than expected, they managed to get three YFT in the boat. We have openings this week and next. We are starting to fill up quick for May-August so if you plan on fishing with us this summer don't wait to late to make your reservations.

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