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It has been a while since our last fishing post. We have been getting out but the weather has been less than favorable to say the least. We were getting some nice days in about a week ago. Although the forecasts have been looking good, I can assure you the seas haven't been. Very typical for this time of the year. Lately we have had to run a little bit to get a nice box of fish. Every stop produces 1 or 2 fish but you have to work for them. Starting last week I had the John Payne crew (2 anglers) out on WED. we finished the day 0-3 on wahoo. One particular bait we used requires you to use a split ring on the eye or it will cut thru your wire, we found that out the hard way. The wahoo bite went dead so we dropped down and easily caught a couple of A.J.'s and 1 cobia. We moved to a different area immediately putting 3 Yellowfin tuna in the boat, on the smaller side, about 30lbs. and a small black fin. Then we went back after the wahoo with no luck. Capt. Bob Kenney went 1 for 5 on hoos also ending the day with a couple of a.j.'s, lemons, and blackfin tuna. Thurs. Bob K. had the Preston Thomas crew who are all Pros in the SKA and just came over from fishing a tourney in Key West. I won't mention how they did. Of course they went after hoos and went 3 for 4 and had a small blackfin. The seas built to 4-6 and chased them back to the dock. Fri. and Sat. were cancelled due to weather. On Sunday Capt. Bob and Josh both went chasing tuna. Capt. Bob found a small yellowfin and 15 almoco jacks. Josh had a limit of A.J.'s and a small blackfin tuna. The seas built on them as well which limited the amount of searching they could do and ended the day. Cancelled today due to the weather and on Wed. I will be back out. The fish are out there, we just need the right weather. The longer runs have been producing nice catches of YFT, but you just have to have the weather. We've got open days this week and next.

Damon McKnight
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