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The wind finally settled down last week which allowed Capt. Bob K. to get offshore for three days in a row. This is something that has not happened in a while because of all the wind we have been having. First of all, everything is running a little late this year and the past several days was the true test. We have tried to put the fishing on a seasonal schedule actually getting mad at the fish if they aren't where we were catching them in years past at this place and time, asking why aren't they where they are supposed to be. Usually this time of the year we are fishing in close catching big fish and the temps. outside are usually a lot cooler. There have been some big fish caught lately not too far out, but the numbers of fish aren't there yet. However, the longer runs have been the key, once you get there the fish have been plentiful and cooperative. Just to show how the season is a little off this year in the past three days Capt. Bob caught about a 25lb. bull dolphin, hooked a white marlin that came off, and saw chicken dolphin on all three days, along with a nice catch of Yellow fin tuna. Dolphin and White Marlin in Nov. are an unusual catch in this area. Once again the weather looks great up until Thurs. Tues. and Wed. looks like the day to be offshore and then again on Sat. and Sun. We've got a boat open for Wed. and Sun. if anyone wants to get out and try for some tuna and wahoo.
Capt. Damon Mcknight
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