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The weather calmed down enough for the most part to let Capt. Bobby and myself get out on Saturday. It was still blowing out of the North about 12 knots and in bluewater it was fairly rough. We fished all the areas that would normally hold tuna this time of the year and caught nothing but sharks and cudas. After talking with the customers and told them we needed to head out further they declined and said they would rather not run out any further due to the conditions. We stuck it out where we were with no luck. We then headed in to try for some cobia, although it is later in the season and usually wouldn't try for them this time of year it turned out we made a good choice. They were stacked up in a few spots. I had just told them on the way there don't get your hopes up to high, they probably won't be there. First spot first cast, 6 cobia came up to the surface. They pulled 2 out of the 6 from the pack and we got them into the boat. From there on out we would catch 3 more and miss a few more as well. They unded up with 5 cobia total, we releasd one to grow up a little more. They were all very nice cobes and the largest was about 45-50lbs. Even got a few jumps out them.

Looks like the weather is going to turn windy again tommorow. But only last a couple of days. We will be back out on Thurs. We still have days open this month and into December.

Damon Mcknight
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