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This is definitely the windiest and wettest October I can remember. We are coming to the end of the month now and all I can say is that we have had a lot of free time, things that usually are done at least once a month on the boats have been done 3-4 times. Every reel has brand new line on it, all the old and rusty hooks on older artificial baits are now polished. The good news is the weather will eventually break, but not today. On Friday I was scheduled to take H. Johnston and his father ex-senator J. Bennett Johnston, I think a lot of you remember him. Due to the horrible weather conditions we cancelled. The rain and lightning were torrential so I am glad we made that call. On Saturday I was suppose to take out the R. Garay group from Houston but they decided on not risking coming down to Venice, and not being able to chase Tuna which also was the right call. The wind picked up to about 20-25 knots around 9:30 a.m. Sat. morning. Definitely made the right call on that one. However, Capt. Bob Kenney's crew came down since they said they would fish for anything that would bend a rod, preferably tuna, but if not, so be it. They tried for tuna first with no luck, rough conditions did not let them get where they needed too. They did come back closer to land in protected waters and put a nice limit of snapper in the boat, along with 12 Mangrove Snapper, and 1 cobia. Sunday was red fishing day with Mr. Doug and his family. They caught a variety of fish inside, mostly redfish. As soon as we get a break in the weather we will be back offshore looking for the Huge Tuna we get this time of year. The mullet have started their migration and I am sure the tuna, sharks, wahoo, and other predators are very aware of it. This cold front coming thru will only reinforce the move as the temps. will drop significantly. We've got some open days during the remainder of this month and next.

Capt.Damon Mcknight
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