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The weather finally gave us a little break the past three days. Capt. Bob Kenney was able to get offshore on Saturday easily catching a limit of snapper and 9 Scamp grouper. The largest going about 25lbs. On Sunday I had the Brown Group from Oklahoma. When we came out of the pass it was close to slick calm seas and one of the coolest morning so far this year. We made our stop for bait, which was quick and easy. Everything was going our way and it was looking like one of those days that things would just fall into place. The last thing I expected was a seasick crew in the calm conditions, but they stuck it out for a while. When we arrived to our spot, we pulled up to tuna busting and rolling on the surface and things looked good. After having the lines out for about 5 minutes we got our first fish on. After screaming out line and a 30 minute fight, switching anglers once, they put a nice 85lb. YFT in the boat. Next line out, a hit and a miss. 3rd line produced a nice 60lber. Fourth fish hit and came unbuttoned spitting the bait back at us. It was about 10:00 a.m. at this time and 3 of the 4 man crew was very seasick, so they opted to leave the tuna bite and go after snapper in calmer water. The snapper bite was on fire and they caught their limit of snapper in no time. On Monday, the conditions were a lot different. We awoke to gusting 22 knot winds and were very limited as to what we could fish for. We went back out after the snapper and easily caught a limit and we were pleasantly surprised with a nice 70lb. Tarpon caught on the bottom with a half of dead pogie. The wind has got us land locked again this morning, not to mention the rain as well. The tuna bite is very good, there are plenty of them, and when we can make it out it is on. We've got open days this month and next.

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