Venice, La Feb. 2 &3

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    Pulled the boat over to Venice on thursday for my 1st Lump trip ever. fished friaday ended up with 1 Yellowfin & 1 Blackfin no photos of friday's trip. After having a hard time getting the anchor to stick on friday I was better prepared on saturday got out there anchor stuck first try and we started chumming started out to be a slow day but around noon everything changed most boats had headed in so we were the only game in town and it didn't take long for the Tuna to show. ended the day with 5 Yft and 8 blackfin I'm not very good at guessing #'s but 4 looked to be in the 60-80 lb class and 1 maybe 120+. We lost a big fish that headed south and never stopped he took a few breaks but finally had enough and broke off. Nice trip I think I will be back every year from now on.

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    Hardcore! I love it!

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    Nice tuna, the lump is a cool fishery. you going to do any swordfishing this year. I notice the pelican in the pic, those things are a nuisance.