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    For the guys who have fished Venice in the summer please let me know what its like. Is there a chance to jig or is it just chunking/baiting with some popping mixed in. What are the fishing depths and what size jigs work best...

    Ive fished the lump in the winter time, but never in summer and i have a trip with Eddie next week.
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    Tell Eddie what your expectations are. We fished with him July 4, 2007. Our instructions were to put us on yellowfin tuna--and he did. When we tried to jig he asked us politely to stick to the program so we wouldn't foul up with the bait fishermen. When we *****ed that we wanted to cast to tuna (which were way out there) he asked us not to cast unless we saw one busting within range. At one point, he picked up the nearest rod and threw a small popper out like he was trying to hit Switzerland--landed right at a busting fish, which he calmly hooked (I swear he looked like he was yawning) and handed the rod off. Score-5 men/13 hours/13 yellowfin, 50-75 pounds. Oh, and one huge Dorado one of us caught on a Luhr Jensen spoon with assist hooks when his back was turned. :)

    It gets DEEEEP and quickly. I don't think I am making this up, but at one point when I believe we could still see the lighthouse at the the mouth of the river off on the horizon, Eddie said it was 4,000 feet. You get to the floaters in a real hurry. We did no bottom fishing. Why? you may ask. Because we told Eddie we wanted tuna.

    Don't get pissed if he re-sets your drag for you, avoid mentioning offset circle hooks, and don't show any fear. :D

    You have chosen a good Captain.


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    eddie is the best. ive gone with im in the winter and he let me jig all day while people were chunking. i was way at the front of his palmetto however.
    i would trust him. if he says chunk i would do it. get some tuna and then jigs for other fish after the cooler is full.
    unless you want to jig for yft then tell him that that is your goal. chances are he has a spot to go to do just this.
    alot of people go to venice to only want to triple digit tuna. make sure you are spcific with your requests.
    have fun and definatly bring a popping and jigging rod. its world class out there. bring your 250-500g jigs because the current seem to be ripping most of the time.
    have fun

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    LOL just trying to put fish in the box.

    Jigging is fine you just rarely put good tuna in the box on a jig. I jig a lot for blackfin for chunks and I can tell you in 8 years I have probably caught less then a dozen yf over 50 pounds on a jig and thats with a ton of jigging. If you are after the yf, chunks, live bait, and poppers are the way to do it.

    Blind casting for yf takes a lot of energy and you're generally more productive waiting till you see one and cast right at it.

    I dont try to be difficult I just try to put fish in the box to make people happy and give them less to complain about. If we lose fish or miss fish and have less then stellar results it could reflect badly on me so its hard to play around out there.

    The objective is always dead yf in the cooler and thats what I do.
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    And whatever you do, don't take Super Mutu hooks - Eddie hates them :mad:

    Don't bother rigging with swivels or loop to loop connections, he'll just cut them off and tie fluoro to your braid. But, he is one of the best YFT Venice guides and if YFT are out there, he'll put you on them.

    Do take your favorite wahoo lures. Last two times I've been there, hot pink was the color.

    Good luck!
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    Guys, there is a reason Eddie is THE MAN in Venice........
    best personality of any guide I've ever booked, and he knows ALOT
    and is real good at sharing info & techniques. just look, listen and learn.
    you will come away a better tuna fisherman w/ every trip. I know I have.
    that "little guy" in my avatar is on the front of his Palmetto back in Jan. 08.
    me personally, I'm counting the days until I can get back.
    tight lines
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    me personally, I'm counting the days until I can get back.
    tight lines

    Same here, and I went twice with Eddie sense June 26th of this year. Two trips with Eddie in two months just isn't enough :D I'm gonna have to figure something out for Aug
  8. JerseyBrian

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    Capt Eddie - what techniques have the best success in the fall for YFT? Trolling? Chunking? Topwater?

    What kind of variety do you guys get in the Gulf during October? Do you still bottom fish?
  9. CaptEddie

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    Not much bottom fishing in the fall due to snapper season being closed. The problem isnt that you cant keep snapper its that you kill a lot of snapper while trying to find other fish since they are the most numerous fish around.

    In the fall I mostly live bait and throw poppers although some days chunking is the ticket.

    Yup and I still cant stand owner circle hooks, love their trebles and their Jobu trolling hooks but not the circles.
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    Here is a pic of one of our 5 man limit of 15 yft that Capt Eddie put our group on in Oct 07. Date in the pic is not correct. Left the dock at day break, done fishing at dusk with our limit. We were slap wore out.

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    Yup and I still cant stand owner circle hooks, love their trebles and their Jobu trolling hooks but not the circles.

    You are not alone. Here is a 4 page thread going on right now about the hooks and the pitfalls during last weeks marlin tourney in OC.

    Owner Circle Hook Issues - Sport Fishing Forum