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The past week in Venice has been very cool indeed. Good fishing and good people always make for a good time. On Wednesday I had Fred Schmid and company in from Stuart, Florida for two days. They came highly qualified with lots of experience. Fred is still stoked from his 350lb yellow from PV two years ago! Our first day we took a shortcut and made about twenty or so baits quick, then plowed our way thru a 3-4ft head sea to our first stop. 30 minutes later and one small yellow, We took a short boat ride and found a ridiculous amount of bait. We took advantage and made about 200 baby hardtails, disco minnows and big eyed scads in no time. We put our baits out along with twenty extra ones and picked a fish up immediately. We kept at it and ended up going 5 for 8 on nice fish. The next morning we headed out again in nearly the same conditions. After making bait we bounced around two spots and settled for the third. After loosing a few hooks to @!#$% barracuda, a nice fish busted hard off our port side and soon thereafter we got nailed by a nice 60lb fish. We landed that fish and reset only to get picked up by a sail that went crazy and pulled the hook next to the boat. We fished until 5:30 picking up another six yellows from from 25lbs to 60lbs. On Saturday I had the Covey group in from Texas. Capt Trey Pique ran the other half of the group.In the morning the wind was still howling from the cold front the day before. I opted to stay close and look for cobia but after loosing a million jigs in a hard surface current and a handle breaking off a new saragosa, I said "we are going tuna fishing boys!" We headed south and started fishing a shrimp boat. We stayed with him and picked up 12 jumbo blacks and pulled the hooks on one stud yellow in not so nice seas but still had a blast. Capt. Trey stayed close and came in with 12 monster triple tail and one cobia. Monday morning Capt. Troy called me and said he had an engine issue and one man standing on the dock scheduled to go offshore. We left around 8:30am and headed south in much nicer conditions. We arrived at our first stop a short while later and got started. At first the bonito's were eating everything then a few large blacks came up. We moved again and picked up three blacks but still had not seen a yellow. After a couple of more jumps we repeated the process again when two studs between 150-175lbs came up and ate right next to the boat. I fed them again this time with a nice chunk armed with a 12/0 circle and 130lb Frenzy floro. The "smaller" fish picked it up immediately and made a hard surface run of about 150yrds. While Mark, our lone angler was fighting his fish three others came up, we hooked one and popped him off with too much pressure on an 80w. We continued to feed the fish just watching them as they rolled in and out of the slick, their sickle fins stretched out and lit up. After 30 minutes we had color and the gaffs went into a nice 143lb fish that was very fat and healthy. Not wanting anymore, Mark wanted to try for cobia on the way in. We picked up a nice fish in the 40lb class and called it a day. The next morning the game plan was for triple tail. Mark had never caught one before and wanted to try his luck. We picked one up on the first cast but after that the trash fish moved in and it was time to move. After checking a few area's we found what we were looking for. A short while later Mark Set's the hook on a monster that later weighed 28.9lbs! Definitely the biggest on my boat so far. We kept 13, with the rest of them going from 12lbs to 25.6lbs respectively and also a lonely cobia to finish the day early. Congratulations Mark on your tuna and your triple tail. Our fall run on large tuna's has just begun and will only get better between now and the next moon cycle in November. Give me a call to book your next trip in Venice.

Captain William Wall
Pelagic Charters


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