venice captains ?

Discussion in 'Offshore Fishing Reports' started by lucas_shane, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. lucas_shane

    lucas_shane Member

    ok i am trying to book a trip at the end of april / first part of may.
    HANDS DOWN who is the best capt inn venice ?
  2. kidflex

    kidflex Senior Member

    there are many good captains in venice. you'll get alot of different answers. go with one of some proven capts such as eddie or hunter. besides, they all fish the same areas and do the exact same techniques so basically find one thats not a jerk to make your trip more enjoyable

  3. lite-liner

    lite-liner troll enforcement Staff Member

    Eddie Burger. that's my guy!
  4. luna sea II

    luna sea II Banned

    Mike Ellis with relentless sportfishing or Billy Wells with mexican gulf fishing company. they both have 33 freeman catamarans and are good guys and great fishermen. when fishing's good just about anybody can catch fish--when it's tough is when the really good one's shine. these guys go the extra mile to catch THE RIGHT BAIT before they even think about going fishing. back in june Mike was going all the way to Grand Isle to catch herring before going offshore.
  5. wellcraft26

    wellcraft26 Senior Member

    0 gets my vote. 3 good captains on Twin Vee boats- look at the photo gallery on thier web site.
    I've fished with Capt. Damon Mcknight.
  6. Mitchw123456

    Mitchw123456 Senior Member

    capt eddie wins.. hes the only capt in venice that will see a dime from me again
  7. Southern Hunter

    Southern Hunter Member

    I would go with either Kevin Beach or Mike Ellis....2 of the best capt's in Venice hands down!!
  8. ole dog

    ole dog Junior member

    Eddie Burger is THE MAN. He will work harder than anyone for you and is a super cool guy. i am not taking anything away from the others because they are all close but Eddie wil make you happy. I am fishing with him next week again.