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Venice bound....<or busts>

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Well...we're on our way to Venice tomorrow for a yft trip starting out on Thursday night. I have seen varying results from the posts from different boats...some good and some not so good. The fishing might be tough...but I have faith that we can make it happen. (I don't want to jinx us too much...grin).

Wish us luck guys...we may need it.

Pics and reports should be out Saturday night...it's a long drive home.

P.S. <or busts> is for a couple of guys in our group that will be spending some time in N'awlins, Louisiana...(good luck guys...I hope you get an eyeful while you're there).
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good luck, cant wait to get out to venice one day, feast or famine!
Richard, I am optimistic and I don't believe in jinxing anyone unless they are trying to get laid. Uh Oh, I think I just jinxed you!

I am optimistic also....will get the best of both worlds....:D
Good luck Guys... ....I hope yall tear 'em up!!
richard i hope that you have calms seas and condoms. have a great trip and those of us that have had limited time offshore will wait some what patiently for your report and photo's.....rick
Good luck guys!

Since you won't be coming back until Saturday does that mean breakfast at Floyd's isn't until Sunday??? :rolleyes:

My good wishes. I have had limited offshore experience my entire life, and the one trip I made there in July was hands-down, no kidding, the most incredible fishing trip I have ever made. I caught my first tuna and the largest fish of my life, and watched the Captain toss back highly edible 10-15 pound blackfin, declaring that we had enough bait. Best of luck, and remember, everything good in New Orleans goes to Bill Clinton's credit and everything bad is Bush's fault.

Tear them up Richard!

Remember that you can sleep when you get home or on the way home!
good luck out there!! sure will be a nice relief getting to the tuna spot in an hour, as opposed to 6 hours... LOL!! Hope you all bust your personal best's!!!
Awesum....Jerry might want to go to breakfast....you might message him.
I would bet that we'll be at Floyd's on Sunday.
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