Venice Action !!!!!!!!! 9-22-2017

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    We made a evening/night trip out of Venice last night. Overall we managed to put a good box of fish together.. Ended up with (2) 90lb-70lb Yellowfin and we caught plenty of blackfin, but kept only a dozen. All tuna were caught on live bait, jigs and poppers?

    Our flat fall jigs were out-fishing every other jig 3 to 1. Also flat fall jigs are a lot easier to work and they do not wear you out. The flashlight we have " The Jig Charger" came in very handy last night with keeping the jigs nice and bright.

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    IMG_3597.JPG IMG_3599.JPG IMG_3608.JPG IMG_3610.JPG IMG_3615.JPG IMG_3619.JPG IMG_3622.JPG IMG_3625.JPG IMG_3626.JPG
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    Nice pics,thanks for sharing .
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